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|A7 / / /|A7 / / /|A7 / / /|A7 / / / |

Open your eyes and don't be blind
Just ask yourself and you will find

                    G        A
Can't you see we're two of a kind?
We go together, we're two of a kind

G                                           D
     I've got to say this, I hope you don't mind
     No use protesting, be resigned

  A                        D       A7
I love you, we're two of a kind
Baby you know, we're two of a kind

  C              D
I knew it when I saw you

  C                D
I felt it a little more when

  C                  D
I talked with you at first

C               D
All my blues dispersed

C             D
I couldn't disguise

C               D
My complete surprise

C                        D
When you were feeling it too

B7                    E     B7                  E
     I'm in love with you,     I'm in love with you...

A7                                A7 (to fade)
Open your eyes and don't be blind

           VERSES 1&2
           VERSE 1

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