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By Graeme

This song is the bass part in the beginning to the live version with the bass
intro. the
song is from "...and justice for all" and it was there last song made with
cliff. they
changed it around and dedicated to cliff.

INTRO Ending #1

Ending #2 Ending #3
G|-----------------------------12------------------|| # |----------10--------10-----------------||
D|-------12--------------12-----------------------|| # |-----10------------------10------------||
A|--10-------10----10------------10---10s(12)-|| # |--8-----------8--8------------8s(12)--||
E|--------------------------------------------------|| # |----------------------------------------||

Ending #4
G|-----------9------------12--9---------------|| * = on the fourth time go straight
D|--10h12------10h12----------10h12--12-|| to the fourth ending

enjoy R.I.P cliff

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