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I didn't mean to cause all this pain
And I don't mean the things I say
Sometimes I wish I could take it all back
Never forgetting, always remembering
Where I'm at
I guess that's just the way it goes
Never watching where I'm throwing stones

Give it all back yeah
Give it all back
Give it all back
Let me do it again

I just want a new life
With a new look
I just want to dream again
With a new friend
I just want a new life
With a new look
I just want to dream again
Dream again

You just see me as dirty
See me as filthy
What a shame to be me
But if I'm all washed up
And I've been ragged out
I will survive
My faith will keep me alive

If my dreams, they come true
I'll shine the light for all of you
I hope you can see it, I hope you believe it
God does His thing in my life

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